Welcome to my world of hand drawn illustrations, each with their own sense of humor and individuality.

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You might call me a late bloomer. After college and graduate school, I realized I was getting in my own way of my real self. I made the commitment to make art, and there was no turning back. No more standing backstage watching other people perform. I felt free to make art, sing, write, knit, bake, cook, teach, etc. I simply want to make things. And if you want to make things, I want to make things with you.

This journey is the key to everything in life. I want to wax rhapsodic about it, but I won’t do that here. Maybe I’ll write a poem about it, or put it in an illustration. It’s probably there in every poem and painting that I do, because it’s that deep. It’s the best feeling, it’s joy.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Share your joy. I hope what you find here brings you some joy too, and keeps you coming back for more.

Love and Peace,



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